• The Lavender Scare

    The Lavender Scare

    Saturday, 10:45am | Tens of thousands of gay men and lesbians are fired from their jobs in a decades-long effort…

  • Latinx Shorts Spotlight

    Latinx Shorts Spotlight

    Saturday, 12:30pm | The Latinx Shorts program presents stories that overlap issues of cultural identity, personal experiences, friendship, and resiliency.…

  • A Million Happy Nows

    A Million Happy Nows

    Saturday, 2:45pm | When tomorrow is a promise that can't be kept, live for a happy now.

  • Queer & Trans Shorts

    Queer & Trans Shorts

    Saturday, 5:00pm | The Queer & Trans Shorts program showcases narratives within the LGBTQ community often underrepresented within the mainstream.…

  • Extra Terrestrials (Extra Terrestres)

    Extra Terrestrials (Extra Terrestres)

    Saturday, 7:15pm | A family, 100,000 chickens with a dead sentence, a secret that will unveil all family secrets, and…

  • Sebastian


    Saturday,9:30pm | Alex is an Argentinian student in Toronto for just one week; both know that the relationship ends when…

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Join us for a special post QFilms performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with live shadow cast! Tickets will…