2018 | USA | 72min
Directed By: Leilah Weinraub

We're outside the club, on a non-descript Los Angeles street at night. The bass of the music inside slowly spills out as the guard checks IDs and credentials. Inside, the girls are getting ready, cracking jokes. The scene in the club is very intimate and sensual. The camera tightly pans across to Ronnie Ron doing what she does best; making the audience feel at ease. She's warming them up and us, the viewers. "Can y'all show some love? Y'all still tipping? If you are...lemme know!" We then jump to a scene of Egypt in the center of the dance floor. She's fine, she's frightening, she is in charge. Patrons shower her in dollars. They love her. Film features shots of the Long Beach historic night club, Hamburger Mary's. 

This is SHAKEDOWN, a story that unfolds like a legend. 

Community Partners

Sex Workers' Outreach Project - Los Angeles

Dyke Day LA

BLU - Black Lesbians United

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