Men in Briefs

Program Runtime: 94 minutes
Q&A to follow screening

This year's Men in Briefs (short film series) is as entertaining as ever! With a variety of comedic and dramatic shorts, the program is sure to contain something for everyone.

Film Shorts

Juan Gabriel is Dead
2018 | Mexico/Germany | 15 minutes 
Directed & Written by: Tavo Ruiz
On the day famous mexican singer Juan Gabriel dies, best friends Beto and Daniel will redefine their friendship. Daniel imagines how his day would be if he were a girl. Maybe this way his feelings toward Beto would be seen as normal.

The Things You Think I'm Thinking
2017 | Canada | 14 minutes
Directed by: Sherren Lee
Written by: Jesse LaVercombe
A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man. After the bar, they go back to his apartment, where he faces his demons as he attempts to experience intimacy for the first time since his accident, ten years ago.

The Other Side (Al Otro Lado)
2017 | Mexico| 15 minutes
Directed & Written by: Rodrigo Alvarez Flores
Felipe and Claudio have a unique relationship. Somehow destiny pulls them apart and sets Felipe on a journey where he will risk everything in his pursuit of happiness.

2018 | USA | 18 minutes
Directed by: Alden Peters
Written by: Corey Camperchioli 
Rejected  for  being  femme,  Carson  journeys  toward  self-acceptance  by  way  of  a  manic  existential  crisis  and  a  drag  queen  fairy  godmother. 

2018 | USA | 9 minutes
Directed & Written by: Bryan Louie
A recovering meth addict struggles to keep clean. He can't sleep at
night, and his junkie ex-boyfriend won't stop calling and texting. He tries to distract himself through rigorous cleaning and exercise, but the intense desire to use again starts to take a psychological toll - as he envisions corpse-like hands trying to grab him. Director, Bryan Louie, is a Long Beach filmmaker and this short was filmed in the city. 

2018 | USA | 10 minutes
Directed by: Benjamin Howard
Written by: James Hall
Deviant is a time-blending period piece, juxtaposing between the horrors of an electroshock ex-gay conversion therapy session and the serenity of a church sanctuary. Directed by Benjamin Howard, Deviant shines an authentic spotlight on this dark part of LGBT
history, and manages to communicate how members of the LGBT community can simultaneously maintain their faith and sexuality.

Edmund the Magnificent
2017 | UK | 13 minutes
Written & Directed by: Ben Okrent
Edmund the Magnificent is a children’s story for grown-ups, a fairy-tale for the twenty-first century. And at a time when the world stage would have us believe that “otherness” is to be feared, that progress is a threat, we need stories about acceptance and tolerance, emancipation and forgiveness more than ever.

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