Men in Briefs

Program Runtime: 86 minutes

This year's Men in Briefs (short film series) is as entertaining as ever! With a variety of comedic and dramatic shorts, the program is sure to contain something for everyone.

Film Shorts

Secret Santa Sex Party
2017 | USA | 12 minutes 
Directed by: Charles Lum & Todd Verow
Written by: Charles Lum
Secret Santa Sex Party tells the idiosyncratic story of the New York Prime Timers, the randy NYC Chapter of the national senior gay men’s Organization. Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the New York Prime Timers members also actively participate in monthly sex parties. These octogenarian orgiasts invite us to their intimate gathering, illustrate explicitly their carnal activities and explain to us, both frankly and inspiringly: who they are; their own shared histories; and what it means to their lives to share joyful, consensual sexual celebrations for as long as may be possible.

Linea 9 (Line 9)
2016 | Mexico/Germany | 16 minutes
Written & Directed by: Tavo Ruiz
In a city with constant movement like the subway rides, the paths of Andrés and Miguel are crossing. It seems like the beginning of a new Romance but Andrés doesn’t know which direction to take, because every road leads him to something sexual.

Bayard & Me
2017 | USA | 16 minutes
Written & Directed by: Matt Wolf
Walter Naegle’s boyfriend Bayard Rustin was a famous civil rights activist 30 years his senior. In the 1980s Bayard decided to adopt Walter for legal protection. This love story is about a time when gay marriage was inconceivable. 

Playing Straight
2016 | USA | 4 minutes
Directed by: Gary Bennett
Written by: Jacob Nichols & Sam Stagg
Jacob and Sam are two typical bros; video games, gym buds, one words conversations. When they encounter two male characters hugging in a video game, Jake tries to broach an uncomfortable subject. How do you know that you're straight unless you try something gay? Although Sam tries to play it off and play through the level, Jake is insistent and seemingly coming to a bro-crisis. Sam decides to take aggressive action - with his lips.

According to My Mother
2016 | USA | 18 minutes
Directed by: Cathy Y. Yan
Written by: Daniel K. Isaac & Cathy Y. Yan
In this modern take on the traditional family dramedy, Daniel, a gay, struggling actor living in New York visits Esther, his devout Christian, Korean mother, in LA after the death of his beloved aunt. Despite their differences, they try to heal together. But old habits die hard. Based on a true relationship. 

2016 | USA | 15 minutes
Written & Directed by: Carlton Daniel Jr. 
Cooper is eager to take his relationship to the next level, but when his boyfriend floats the idea of an open relationship, he has to rethink all of his previous expectations of what “love” really looks like.

2017 | USA | 16 minutes
Written & Directed by: Faraz Arif Ansari 
Set in the fast-paced environs of the usually bustling Mumbai local train system, Sisak details a romance that develops slowly and intoxicatingly, nestled in the silences and quiet comforts of the end-of-day train journeys. A return to the unspoken, unsaid and universal expressions of love, on the path of subtlety and humanity, Sisak is the result of the belief that if love knows no bounds, it need not be bound with words, either. 

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