Kiss Me, Kill Me

2015, USA, 100 min
Directed By: Casper Andreas
Written By: David Michael Barrett

From director Casper Andreas ("Going Down in LA-LA Land") and screenwriter David Michael Barrett ("Such Good People") comes "Kiss Me, Kill Me," a sexy gay thriller.  Dusty ("As the World Turns" Van Hansis) blacks out while confronting his cheating boyfriend Stephen, ("Queer as Folk" gay icon Gale Harold). When Dusty comes to, Stephen was murdered and he's the prime suspect.  The movie also stars Brianna Brown ("Devious Maids"), Yolonda Ross (HBO's "Treme), Jai Rodriguez ("Queer Eye"), Matthew Ludwinski ("Going Down in LA-LA Land"), Kit Williamson ("Madmen"), Jonathan Lisecki ("Gayby") and D.J. "Shangela" Pierce ("RuPaul's Drag Race").




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