Jewel’s Catch One

2016, USA, 85 min
Directed & Written By: C. FITZ

Jewel's Catch One celebrates the legacy of a legendary Los Angeles nightclub, Catch One, and the life-changing impact its owner, Jewel Thais-Williams, had on her community. Breaking down racial and cultural barriers and building the oldest black owned disco in America, Jewel’s story celebrates music, fashion, celebrities and activism that helped changed the course of our country.

The Catch became known as the unofficial "Studio 54 of the West Coast," infamous for being a welcoming place for people of all colors and backgrounds as Jewel fought tirelessly against racism, homophobia and hate for over 4 decades.

The club also served as a community center during the AIDS crisis as Jewel built organizations such as The AIDS MINORITY PROJECT and RUE’s HOUSE (first shelter for women with AIDS and their children). This documentary is packed with 40 years of music, untold history and exclusive interviews with celebrities, politicians, and people who were touched by Jewel’s community activism and vision to make Los Angeles a better city for everyone who lived there.

Director: C. Fitz, Cast: Jewel Thais-Williams


Congressman Alan Lowenthal



Refiner's Fire

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