Finding Home

2017 | USA | 61 min
Directed By: Abraham “AB” Troen
Language: English
Q&A to follow screening

A docu-series portraying LGBT immigrants and asylum seekers in Los Angeles. For over a year and a half, our team of filmmakers from 6 countries filmed Brandon, Stacy, and Elaheh. Each doc is a separate film and tells a unique story: Stacy, from El Salvador, at the midnight beauty pageant in Hollywood, Elaheh, from Iran, at the bodybuilding competition, and Brandon, from China, alone at the Library where he studies to pass the California bar exam. Episode one of this series features two Long Beach residents and portions of the episode were filmed in the city.  Yet all were deeply affected by the results of the 2016 presidential elections and forced to reevaluate their dream of finding home in the United States. The resulting web series assembles the stories of these three remarkable individuals to make a powerful and passionate declaration for both America & foreign born, straight & LGBT audiences.

Community Partners

Long Beach Time Exchange

Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition

Arts Council for Long Beach 

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